Hi-De-Ho and Welcome to our V-E Day Giveaway!

HOLY JOE … ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A GAS! Since the amazing WW2 author, Sarah Sundin, and I have both just released new WW2 novels, we thought it would be hipper-dipper to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day (Victory in Europe, which is May 8!) with a smooth giveaway of mega-bucks and mega-books! So take a gander at the details below because there’s a lot up for grabs that will flip your wig!


GRAND PRIZE: Signed paperback copies of both Sarah Sundin’s The Land Beneath Us (winner may also choose a CD audio version of Sarah’s book) and Julie Lessman’s A Wing and a Prayer, a $50 Amazon gift card, and memorabilia from the incredible National WWII Museum Store, including V-for-Victory earrings, Women of WWII sticky notes, and a Women of WWII zipper pouch!

SECOND PRIZE: A paperback copy of A Wing and a Prayer (or an e-copy of both A Wing and a Prayer and Julie’s award-winning Isle of Hope series in e-book) AND a paperback copy (or CD audio book) of The Land Beneath Us.


How to Enter:

To enter to win the GRAND PRIZE, read the posts on Sarah’s blog and my excerpt below for a clue to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the blog.

Additional optional Rafflecopter points can be earned by following Sarah and me on various social media sites (per the Rafflecopter options) and by watching our Facebook Live videos (links & times below) to find a Rafflecopter clue.


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To enter to win the SECOND PRIZE, go to the Facebook Live video links above and leave a comment on both Julie’s video AND mine.


Giveaway Details:

Giveaway runs May 8-16, 2020. US mailing addresses only for Grand Prize, please. International entrants will be eligible for choice of three e-books from me. Winners will be notified by email.


Ready to Enter?

In order to enter for the Grand Prize, you must answer both Sarah’s question and mine in the first Rafflecopter slot by finding the clue in each of our blogs.

My clue can be found in the excerpt below from A Wing and a Prayer, and Sarah’s clue can be found in her article at SARAH’S BLOG. GOOD LUCK!!

Three More Chances to Win!

Hey, want to win a signed paperback copy of A Wing and a Prayer OR e-copies of both AWAAP AND my complete award-winning Isle of Hope series? Well, here’s my own personal contest to do just that, so GOOD LUCK!

1.) Watch the following brief (but exciting, I promise!) trailer/video for A Wing and a Prayer in which you can find a clue to one of the Rafflecopter questions.


2.) Sign up for Jennifer Lynn Carys newsletter to receive a free copy of her new book,Tales of the Hob-Nob Annex Cafe BEFORE MAY 11, and you’ll have TWO chances to win a signed paperback copy of A Wing and a Prayer OR one of three e-copies, plus read an interview with me in her next newsletter. 


Excerpt From Julie Lessman’s A Wing and a Prayer

To set the scene, the hero—Lieutenant Alex Kincaid—is an aeromedical pilot about to embark on a night mission during a thunderstorm to deliver plasma and medical supplies to the 24th Evac Hospital in NY-MAYK-HUN, Netherlands.

On the way, his mind strays to thoughts of the heroine—Gabe O’Connor—a woman he’s attracted to but avoids because she’s a foreign correspondent who’s nothing but trouble, not to mention a woman of questionable faith. Unfortunately, she sneaks on his plane without his knowledge, resulting in a fiery clash of wills—right before they’re struck by lightning.


Ka-boom! Lightning split the sky in front of the monoplane, sending shock waves through Alex’s body when the UC-64 rocked and the engine sputtered.

“We’re hit!” The edge of panic in Gabe’s voice only reinforced his own calm despite the rain lashing against the windshield.

“There’s enough air lift that we can try to land,” he said, surveying the ground below as he maneuvered into idle thrust, “so hold on tight.” The plane literally glided for miles as he scoured the landscape for a feasible spot through torrents of water, heart thundering more than the storm ravaging the UC-64.

He finally sensed more than saw a clearing up ahead just past a river when a bolt of lightning illuminated a sea of trees surrounding a patch of farmland. Forcing himself to remain calm, he eased the stick down, well aware that landing safely was only the first of two problems he and Gabe faced at the moment. The wind and rain pummeled as he braced for a bumpy landing, his heart pounding more than the rain against the windows.

And the second? Would be staying alive behind enemy lines.

Next Chapter

Darkness swallowed them up as the wind howled and rain pelted.

“You okay?”

Gabe opened her eyes at Alex’s comforting touch on her arm, heart in her throat. She nodded, but she wasn’t all that sure it was true because her body was rattling more than the UC-64 when it skidded and careened to a stop in a field of weeds. “Where are we?” she finally said, her voice little more than a croak.

“According to my compass and the river we just crossed, my best guess would be just east of the Maas River in the Netherlands.” He paused to steady her with a potent look. “Close to the German border, so we need to act fast.” Giving her arm a quick squeeze, he turned his attention back to the plane, attempting to restart the engine.

The German border? She gulped, her voice scraping past her lips like a rusty pump. “What happened? Did lightning hit the engine?”

Two quick, loud thumps rumbled from beneath the plane as the engine whooshed to life before it died again. “No, not the engine …” He tried starting it once more, but this time the only sound they could hear was the rain battering the roof. “But possibly the fuel tank, causing a leak.” He ground the switch for the third time, punctuating his lack of success with a hiss of an objectionable word.

For some reason his salty words took the edge off her nerves. “I thought you didn’t swear,” she said with a crook of a smile.

He slid her a sideways scowl, but she didn’t miss the touch of tease in his eyes. “I usually don’t unless I land behind enemy lines.”

That wiped the smile right off her face. “What are we going to do?” she asked, the horror of the situation sinking in. Her stomach constricted, and she reminded herself that if she had to be stranded in enemy territory, at least there was no one she trusted more than Alex.

“We need to get out of here—fast. Hopefully the rain and dark hid our landing, but either way, it won’t be long before they find us.” He nodded toward the camera around her neck. “Wrap the camera in a waterproof case liner from a box of plasma, and I’ll check the fuel tank.” He flung his door open before pinning her with a somber stare. “You can swim, right?”

She blinked, remembering how much she’d always hated swimming in dirty lakes or rivers on summer family outings. She fought the rise of a shudder. Since the day Henry had almost drowned her, ducking her under far too long … “Uh, not well … but yes.”

“Great.” His mouth went flat as he unzipped his flight jacket to reveal a cartridge belt and pistol. Not missing a beat, he loaded and locked a magazine with a sharp click before activating the safety. Jumping up, he grabbed a flashlight, rope, and rain parkas from two cargo packs and tossed one to her along with a helmet.

Donning his own, he shot orders like bullets from a pistol. “Secure your camera and two blankets in liner bags, then grab a canteen, a first aid pouch, a rope, and one combat pack with all the rations you can find. Got it?” Without waiting for her answer, he disappeared into the pounding rain.

For one of the few times in her life, Gabe wasted no time following orders, ready to go in her poncho and helmet when Alex slid into his seat with a menacing growl. “Blasted fuel tank’s the driest thing on this blasted plane.” He clipped both a canteen and first aid pouch onto his cartridge belt along with the rolled rope, then slung a combat pack over his shoulders beneath his poncho.

He eyed the second bulky combat pack beneath Gabe’s rain gear and delivered a slant of a smile a whole lot dryer than the fuel tank. “I said one combat pack, O’Connor, but then you never were any good at following orders.”

“For crying out loud, Kincaid, I’m not helpless, you know, and more than capable of pulling my own weight.”

“Which isn’t much,” he called over the rain before he got out. He hurried around to her side and managed to tug the combat pack beneath her poncho off her shoulder to retrieve its rations and socks before tossing it back into the plane. Storing them into his own shoulder pack, he turned his attention to studying his lensatic compass on his cartridge belt.

“Our best chance is to head southwest away from Nijmegen since there’s heavy fighting up there,” he said, his voice quieter now that the rain appeared to be letting up somewhat to reveal a soppy field and muddy lane lined with trees. He nodded toward the direction they’d come as he hooked her arm, all but dragging her toward the tree line. “Hopefully we’ll stumble upon a farm close by where we can get some gas if by some miracle the Jerries didn’t spot our plane. Or if not, at least run into Hodge’s First Army in the lower sector.” Mouth in a tight smile, he slid her a shuttered look. “Which would be on the other side of the Maas unless we find that gas pronto to fly to Nijmegen as planned.”

Gabe shivered, much preferring to fly over the river than swim in it.

Finger to his mouth to indicate quiet, he tugged her into the thick woods a fair piece, steering clear of the muddy lane. It seemed like forever that they tramped through the wet underbrush before Alex yanked her up short, shoving her to the ground so fast, the breath lodged in her throat while he hovered over her.

“Kübelwagens,” he whispered before she actually heard them, “Germany’s version of the Jeep.” His sigh in her ear was long and heavy. “So much for that miracle.” The vehicles finally passed, and Alex jerked her back up and pushed further in the brush at a quick pace, finally halting to stare up at a tall bushy spruce. “Can you climb a tree?” he asked, voice quiet but stern.

She glanced up, thinking of the times she’d hidden from Henry in Mr. Lambert’s spruce, branches so thick, he could never find her. A slow smile eased across her lips. “In my sleep.”

“Good. You may be doing that as well if the Germans search all night because there’s no way we can outrun them once they find the plane.” He grabbed the liner of blankets from her hand and nodded up. “Get moving high as you can go, and I’ll be right behind you.”

Adrenaline pulsed through Gabe’s veins as she scurried to the top in record time, a veritable monkey with Alex hot on her heels. “Wrap this around you as much as possible, especially your face,” he ordered in a low voice as he handed her an olive-drab blanket, then did the same with his own.

Perched near the top of the tree, they couldn’t see the ground for the dense limbs, but they could sure hear the faraway shouts coming from the direction of their plane. The rumble of vehicles followed, and in no time, the rustle of German soldiers combing the woods sounded from below along with the harsh clip of German orders.

Gabe held her breath when a beam of light flashed through the trees, sweeping by as boots crunched from below. She didn’t dare breathe until they passed, moving on down through the woods. It seemed like hours before the quiet finally came, with only the patter of rain and the roar of her pulse in her ears.

A fresh rush of adrenaline coursed through her over the danger they’d just escaped, and suddenly she felt as alive and tingly as if she’d dropped low in a spin and buzzed a whole forest of trees. Despite the gravity of the situation, her voice was a giddy whisper. “Gosh, who would have thought war could be so exciting?”

Alex’s voice was muffled by the blanket. “Yeah, well let’s see how exciting you think it is if the Germans get their hands on us, kiddo.”

“Right.” Gabe swallowed hard, properly chastened.

“We need to move on while we can under cover of night,” he whispered, stuffing both blankets into the liner and retying it to his belt before slowly descending limb by limb while Gabe followed. Periodically stopping to listen, he did so again once on the ground, before glancing at his watch. “It’s 0100, approximately six hours before daybreak, so if we hustle, we can cover three miles per hour barring any further run-ins with the Jerries. I figure we’re ten miles or so east of the Maas. If we can make it across before sunrise, we should be in good shape. Ready?”

“I was born ready,” she said with an off-centered smile. “Let’s go.”

They made better time than Gabe thought, reaching the Maas River well before dawn. She shivered when she saw the dark, roiling water, and not from the cool pre-dawn temperatures either, although she was pretty sure that would be a factor once they got wet.

Ingesting a deep draw of air, Alex motioned toward the river, voice hushed. “Bend low and stay close.” He took off in a crouched run that she duplicated, finally easing into the murky depths as soundlessly as possible.

The air seized in her chest the moment she went in, and the loamy scent of the river and faint smell of fish instantly roiled her stomach. Her teeth started to chatter just before the shore dropped off and she submerged completely, her feeble attempt at swimming barely able to keep her head above water.

The current was swift and thick with sticks and jagged tree limbs, dragging her in the wrong direction away from Alex, who was already halfway across. Bobbing under once again, she struggled to stay afloat, panic rising along with the bile in her throat. Fingers numb, she tried to hold onto the rope, but the rapid roll of muddy water only surged higher, pulling her under.

Something gashed against her head and she opened her mouth to scream. But the cry only gurgled in her throat as she slipped further into the deep, the thrashing of her limbs silently slowing…

Until blackness swallowed her whole.

Thank you for entering our contest! GOOD LUCK & HAPPY V-E DAY!



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