☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Eve, Everyone! Hope you are all safe and well. In the midst of this awful coronavirus situation, I thought I would focus more on “positive thoughts” than the negative. And the most positive thing I can come up with is that we are SO blessed to have God in our lives — AND prayer!

So, before I get into my book news, I encourage you to check out a link to a video I posted on FB yesterday that will definitely lift and encourage you in the midst of this difficult time. Here’s that post from FB:

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS … Medically? Financially? Socially? President Trump has proclaimed today, MARCH 15 to be a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER, and my husband and I did so corporately via an absolutely incredibly uplifting and powerful online service through my daughter’s church, Church of the Highlands called “Converting Fear into Faith.” If you want to be encouraged, uplifted, and receive peace and hope through God’s Word, I highly encourage you to watch this amazing service. You will NOT regret it! https://www.churchofthehighlands.com/

The pastor from that video above encouraged everyone to reach out and bless/help people wherever they could, which isn’t that easy when we are all “social distancing” ourselves. But, we can check in on each other via email, telephone, and social media, of course, and even revert to the old-fashioned way of writing cards and letters, so I encourage you to do that with your family and friends, especially the older ones.

As an author, the first thing that came to me was possibly giving away one of my books that has “HOPE” as a theme. And naturally, the first book came to mind was Isle of Hope, which many of you have already read. But if you haven’t and would like to or would like to send it to a loved one who reads, I will be happy to provide you with a free e-copy. Simply contact me through my “CONTACT JULIE” link and give me your email address or the email address of someone you would like me to send Isle of Hope to, all right?


Pre-Order Discount For A Wing & A Prayer!

 Yep, the grown-up Gabe O’Connor is about to be unleashed on the world come APRIL 1, 2020, so buckle up for some high-flying adventures that will give you a whole new respect for Gabe’s father, Patrick O’Connor, as well as the hero, Alex Kincaid.

I have to admit that Alex Kincaid has become one of my favorite heroes, which is really surprising because I tend to like bad boys turned good during the course of the book, but Alex is a good guy right out the gate. And JUST what Gabe needs in order to clip her wings.

If you haven’t pre-ordered at the pre-order discount price, I encourage you to do so now before the new release date of April 1st.


And, if you can’t afford to preorder now, I totally understand, so I will be having a number of giveaways as listed below.


Giveaways for A Wing & A Prayer:

 ☘️ MARCH 17, ST. PAT’S DAY: Join me on Seekerville for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of A Wing and A Prayer OR your choice of three of my e-books. Here’s the link and hope to see you there!


☘️ MARCH 23-27, BLOG TOUR FOR A WING & A PRAYER: Join me on the following blogs for a chance to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card and an e-book copy of A Wing and a Prayer. NOTE: Additional blog links to come, so be sure to check back.

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April 3- MJH (Review)

April 3 – Britt Reads Fiction​ (Review + Extras: Snippet of a chapter in the book)

 📕 Update on Love’s Silver Bullet!

WHOO-HOO!! Book 2 in my Silver Lining Ranch series, LOVE’S SILVER BULLET, is now available for pre-order on Amazon at a reduced price, so please don’t wait till it comes out!

The new release date is May 31st due to extensive edits on Gabe’s book that put me behind, so prayers appreciated that I meet this deadline because I have about 15 chapters yet to write, and then the edits begin. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers & support!




 She’s targeting his love.

He’s aiming to steer clear.

Till true love picks them off in a bull’s-eye of the heart

        Eighteen-year-old Sheridan Donovan has been in love with Jake Sullivan since the age of four, when she used to tag after him and her big brothers on the Silver Lining Ranch. From little on, Jake has been her hero, convincing her brothers to play school and wedding with her whenever she’d begged and cried. From horsey rides and tickle fests to his sweet willingness to be her pretend groom, Jake’s gentleness and affection had nurtured two dreams in Sheridan’s heart—becoming both a teacher and Mrs. Jake Sullivan. Preferably not in that order.

        At the age of thirty, Jake figures he pretty much has everything he needs at the moment. A good job as the Assistant Foreman for Silver Lining Ranch, great friends in Blaze and Dash Donovan, and a true mentor in their uncle and owner of the ranch, Finn McShane, the man who’d given him a family to replace the one he lost. But when Finn’s niece, Sheridan—Blaze’s and Dash’s little sister to whom Jake became a big brother as well—turns eighteen, Jake discovers there’s one more thing he needs: distance and lots of it. From pinafores and bows at age six to overalls and dirt till age fifteen, the grown-up Sheridan looks nothing like the little girl who’d once been his constant shadow, now transformed into a young woman who races his heart. Painfully aware that Sheridan is determined to win his love, Jake is equally determined to keep a promise to her uncle, a promise that not only shoots a hole in his well-ordered life, but in his heart as well.

God bless and stay well!