“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

–Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind


Uh, well … that’s not exactly true. At least, not in my version of Gone With the Wind, which just released in Splickety Love’s SPARK Magazine!

Trust me, it was a dream come true to write an alternate ending for my all-time favorite novel, Gone With the Wind, and boy, did I have a ball!

Now let me make this perfectly clear — I am no Margaret Mitchell by a long shot (except in the length of my books, I suppose!), but I’ve always hankered for an alternate ending to this eternal classic.

Why? Because frankly, my dear, I always believed that no matter how frustrated Rhett was with Scarlett, deep down he still loved her. I mean, seriously, I’m a diehard romance writer and reader, so why would I think otherwise??

Besides, when I think of the love between a man and a woman, I can’t help but think of the love God has for each of us — unfailing, everlasting, steadfast. After all, He IS the Lover of our Souls, and we are “the bride of Christ,” so I have always believed that His love for us parralells and exceeds the same deep passion, love, and intimacy found in a great love affair.

So when I wrote this revised ending to Gone With the Wind, I couldn’t help but reflect on God. No matter what we say or do or how many times we mess up, His steadfast love never changes, abounding in mercy and tenderness — always. Which, as many of you already know, is the theme of book 3 in my Isle of Hope series, His Steadfast Love. I am almost halfway done and hope to release it this summer, so prayers appreciated.



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I leave you with a pic of our beloved Genevieve (and Rory), whom you prayed so hard for last year. She is a precious child and a great blessing to our family. Thank you again for ALL of your prayers!

Good luck in the contest and happy reading!




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