Eeek … Liberty’s Coming!

Have you Pre-ordered?

WHOOOO-EEEEE … I am sooooooo excited and I hope you are, too, because this series is gonna be a fun one, my friends, guaranteed!

So fun, in fact, that I am plowing through book 1, Love’s Silver Lining at a fast clip, so who knows? I may release it in late spring or early summer instead of the fall!

ALL PRAYERS APPRECIATED for supernatural productivity and creativity. Oh, and anointing … lots and lots of anointing! 😉  THANK YOU!!


🇺🇸 Pre-Order Sale! 

You know, you guys are some of my favorite people, and the thought occurred to me that my closest reader friends should get a discount if they pre-order, so let’s do it!

Anybody that pre-orders Liberty before its release date of November 24th, will get a dollar off, making it a steal at $2.99. It goes up to $3.99 on the 24th, so I hope you take advantage.


Uh, I will warn you, however, that I went a little crazy on the kissing scenes, so there are lots of little clips like this one, where Finn and Liberty are butting heads over festival co-chair business:


      “Mr. McShane, wait!” Libby called after she said her goodbyes to the ladies, hurrying to catch up with Finn. “We are not done here, sir.”

     Finn wheeled around in the open doorway of the V&T, hand on the knob and a scowl on his face. “What is it now, Miss O’Shea?” he boomed, loud enough for Miss Delilah and everyone on the street and walkway to hear. “You’ve already taken up most of my lunch hour.”

     “I’d like to discuss the park benches some more.” She nodded at several ladies who passed her on the boardwalk as she stopped before Finn.

     “Of course you would,” he said in a near growl, charging into the V&T while a wide-eyed Delilah looked on. He paused at the door of his office to glare, hands on his hips. “Let me guess—now you want to add little lacey pillows with hearts and flowers on them.”

     “Don’t be ridiculous, you mule.” Libby closed the front door behind her with a little too much force, sparing a strained smile in Miss Delilah’s direction before she followed Finn into his office. “I want to discuss how the V&T might benefit from possibly donating a bench or two.”

     “For the love of mercy, Miss Bell, the V&T has already given their all to this festival, not to mention the excessive time of its director whose been hounded to death by his co-chair.” He turned his back on her to storm to his desk, grumbling all the way.

     “You want hounded?” Libby slammed the door behind her with a rattle of the glass and marched right around his desk. “I’ll show you ‘hounded.’”

     “Oh yes, ma’am, please—‘hound’ away,” Finn said in her ear as he butted her to the wall with a low groan, smothering her neck with kisses. “Heaven help me, I’ve missed you, Libby.”

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Yep, it’s that time again when I go LIVE on Facebook, only this time anyone who comes by and leaves a question for me not only wins an e-copy of For Love of Liberty, but they will have a character named after them in that very book AND their choice of any of my indie e-books, including Romance-ology 101, so come on by! I will pick the winner this weekend and announce it in my next Journal Jot.



🎉 We Have a Winner!

MEGA Thanks to everybody who came by to watch the video interview I did for Cara Grandle’s Periscope show. I really appreciate your support.

Quite a few of you came by, but unfortunately only one can win, and that winner is:

Cheryl Fouts Herndon

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