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Birthdays are always special, and none more than this one for me — the birth of our precious Genevieve (Evie), my brand-new granddaughter for whom most of you prayed, so thank you all, and THANK YOU, God!!

As you may recall, Evie had a terrible prognosis at the onset that entailed at the worst, either death before or after she was born, or at the best, an 80% chance of living to the age of fifteen. But through your prayers and ours, we now have a precious little girl who, following a heart surgery at 4-6 months, will have a normal life with full life expectancy!!

At a peanut weight of 4 lbs., 15 oz., Evie was taken two weeks early due to placenta problems that curtailed her growth, but this little dynamo still managed a 9 Apgar score (a measure of the physical condition of a newborn infant), which is the best you can get, according to my daughter-in-law! Trust me, there’s been lots of happy tears and texts flying back and forth over this joyous event, with lots of pictures that I will include below, so thank you, everyone, who said a prayer for our little girl. We are SO very grateful!

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Thank you again, EVERYONE, for your prayers and support — it means more than I can ever say, and most of you already know from reading my doorstopper books — I can say an awful lot! 😉

Have a blessed weekend, my friends. I know we will! 🙂



Welcome Sweet Genevieve (Evie) …

We’ve Waited SO Long to See Your Sweet Face!


Evie Arrives!

Proud Daddy!

Big Sister’s First Glimpse!

Big Brother is Not Impressed!

Big Sis’s New Favorite Doll!

And Grandma Juju is Crazy Excited Even Though She’s 1,400 Miles Away!!




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