“Keep your face always toward the sunshine –

 and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU … each and every one of you who prayed about the weather for my daughter’s wedding — God heard your prayers and as always, is SO faithful!! The wedding was WONDERFUL and after five days of much needed rest, so are we!

True, it looked iffy on the day of — cloudy skies, temps straining to rise, and a thundering downpour 45 minutes before the wedding. But … then the rain left, and the temps rose, and the day was everything my daughter hoped it would be … and the photographer, too, who assured us cloud cover was far preferable for an outdoor photo shoot than sun — no shadows! And now, in the truest sense of our quote today, Amy and Nate are “facing the sunshine” in Jamaica, where the shadows will fall behind them … I hope, forever.

For them … and for us!! You see, Keith and I are officially empty-nesters, a blissful state we have experienced before when the kids would leave for college, but this time it’s for good. And just like Nate and Amy, we are starting a new life where our own love affair can grow and bloom all over again. Sigh … ain’t love grand? 

And now, here are some pics from the wedding. Wish you could have been there! 🙂



This is my precious granddaughter, the flower girl who cried. 🙂

Yes, it rained, but it was warm & dry on the veranda!

The video from “the proposal” made everyone tear up!

Chandler Hill Winery … a beautifully rustic venue!

Me, teary-eyed and proud over my hubby’s speech about his “little girl.”

Okay, the romance writer in me LOVES this pic!!

Two people who take God and prayer VERY seriously!

Me, my hubby, and my son before the wedding.

Can you see a bit of the dickens in the toddler for whom I called Poison Control 19 times??

Yep, she got her man! Never doubted it for a moment!

Doesn’t this shot remind you of the movie “Grease”??