It’s no fun being sick.”

—Big Bird, Nobody Cares About Me, Sesame Street 


I cannot tell you how many times I read Nobody Cares About Me to my kids growing up, and we’d all join in at the end when Big Bird says, “It’s no fun being sick.” 

But you know what? In the back of my head, whenever I said it with them, I would think—but, oh, to have an excuse to stay in bed and sleep and rest and not do anything!! Maybe because I was and am (or was) one of the healthiest people I know, meaning I seldom get sick. Can’t remember the last time I had the flu (I think it was the one time I got a flu shot …) or a cold for longer than a day. Keith admits he has only really seen me sick enough to be in bed twice in our life—once with food poisoning and another time after surgery and a 10-day bout with C-Diff that just about killed me.

So, to me, getting sick enough to be in bed seemed something of an adventure. I now rescind that statement with humble apologies to every poor person who has ever had the flu out there because I’m an idiot. And a sick one, to boot. 

Oh, sure, I secretly gloated as I skated through the holidays, dodging a respiratory crud that took my entire family captive, including my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, husband, daughter and daughter’s fiancé and his family. Day and night I scurried about my house, sanitizing everything I could with Clorox Cleanup Wipes and going through an entire bottle of Purell. My hands were raw … but my body was germ free. 

Until Tuesday. And heaven help me, I got up three morning in a row, staggered downstairs, choked down a half a bagel and trudged back up to fall in bed. I had no interest in writing, reading, eating, romance, nothing, finally convincing me once and for all that Big Bird was, indeed, correct. It’s no fun to be sick. 

So I’m going to sign off before I infect you, but before I do, I wanted to let you know about some pretty cool things going on right now.


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