I am SO sorry that I am SO delinquent in posting after the ACFW Conference, but wanted to post one or two pix to let you know I am still alive, albeit BRAIN DEAD!!

It was a WONDERFUL conference, so thank you to all of you who prayed for me. Ruth Axtell Morren’s and my workshop, A Kiss is NOT Just a Kiss” was a rousing success and my Seeker dinner at my house was too, and meeting TONS of cherished friends at ACFW was SUCH a blessing as well. The ACFW Board did a FABULOUS job, as usual, and I will be posting LOTS more pix and stories in my Friday Journal Jot.

BUT … to tide you over, here’s a few pix from the dinner I had at my house for the Seekers who could come (and some of their hubbies). This pic is in my kitchen with some of the Seekers. A good friend of mine, Rel Mollet from Relz Review, wondered why I didn’t find a box to stand on since I look like such a shrimp. I told her the Seekers won’t let me get on my soapbox anymore, so that’s why I look like a little kid with wrinkles … 🙂

In order from left to right, the Seekers are: Mary Connealy, Myra Johnson, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, Moi and my roomie at the conference, Audra Harders. Ruth Logan Herne, Sandra Leesmith and Cara Lynn James are obviously still down on the lower deck with their feet up …

BUT … here’s the whole group on my deck patio, where we sat around a fire pit after it got dark — SOOO FUN!! These are the Seekers who could attend and some of my FAVORITE people in the whole world!! From left to right they are:

Debby Giusti, Sandra Leesmith, Moi, Mary Connealy (in back), Cara Lynn James, Myra Johnson (in back), Ruth Logan Herne, Audra Harders and Janet Dean. GREAT ladies and GREAT authors, all. I HIGHLY recommend anything they’ve written!

After most of the Seekers went home, five precious ladies spent the night, including one of the MOST special online friends I have ever made — Casey Herringshaw. If Casey’s name sounds familiar, it might be because Casey won my newsletter contest last year for the most reviews posted on A Hope Undaunted (and my other books) and won a character named after her in A Heart Revealed. Another dear reader friend (and prayer partner!!), Michelle Tuller also won having a character named after her, but unfortunately, she wasn’t at my house (wish you had been, sweetie … maybe some day???). Anyway, I will be posting LOTS of pix in my Friday Journal Jot later this week, including some of Casey and the workshop, etc. LOTS of fun all around.

So … till then, have a great week and OH MY GOSH … I am FINALLY able to jump back in to A Cousins McClare out on my lower deck with my feet up again. Sigh.

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