“You have to put off being young

until you can retire.”

— Author Unknown

Ah, retirement! Even though my husband and I live in Missouri on the largest recreational lake in the United States, we are not retired no matter how much we might swim, boat, or fish. We just figured if we both worked at home, why not do that in front of a lake? Made perfect sense to us.

And it still does.

But I will admit, there is something magical about retiring to Florida. You see, we just got back from a week in Florida, where my retired prayer partner and her hubby rented a gorgeous house with an L-shaped pool for two months, and all I can say is, WOW!

Great weather, great food, great landscaping, great beaches, great activities, and great prayer time with my two prayer partners — sheer heaven!

But now we’re back to reality, which is pretty good too, I have to say, because I am having a lot of fun writing His Steadfast Love (am on Chapter Twenty-One so far).

Although I didn’t get much time to write in Florida, I am committed to Seekerville’s Speedbo, which is a cool writer’s incentive to write 1,000 words (or whatever goal you set) every day during the month of March. So far — March 3rd — I am on track, so prayers appreciated that I can get this book out in early summer. And any writers out there who would like to jump into Speedbo, it’s not too late, and it’s free, so I encourage you to do so.


We Have Winners!

Mega thanks to everyone who entered last week’s Rafflecopter contest to win one of my indie e-books and a signed paper copy of SPARK Magazine, which includes my flash fiction piece for an alternate ending to Gone With the Wind.

The five winners have their choice of an e-copy of A Light in the Window, Romance-ology 101, A Glimmer of Hope Rewrite, Isle of Hope, or Love Everlasting). OR … for those winners who already have all of those indie books, I will be happy to put you on my e-book list for the first copies of book 3 in the series, His Steadfast Love, which I hope to release this summer.

So, SUPER CONGRATS and THANKS to the following winners. I will contact each of you personally.

Hilda Simmons

Sonnetta Jones

Abigail Allen


Julie Jobe



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Deal Alert on Love at Any Cost!

If you have never read book 1 in the Heart of San Francisco series, NOW is the time to do so! Love at Any Cost, which is one of my favorite and most fun books, is only 79 cents to 99 cents for a brief time, so check out the fabulous video below!


The entire Heart of San Francisco series is a lot of fun — shorter, funnier, and less complicated than the O’Connor saga, but I promise you that with a wise-cracking parrot, a crotchety cook, and a near deaf and blind butler, there’s a LOT of fun in store with the McClares. So DO check it out because LAAC contains one of the best kissing scenes I have ever written (hint: in a billiard room).



CBD (79 cents)


Join me in Seekerville on Wednesday, March 8 for my blog entitled, “Back-Peddling on the Road to Success.”

I will be giving away one of my e-books and a signed paper copy of SPARK Magazine, which includes my flash fiction piece for an alternate ending to Gone With the Wind, so do come on by to leave a comment.

That’s all for now, so