“Books can truly change our lives:

the lives of those who read them,

the lives of those who write them.”

— Lloyd Alexander

 Okay, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to convince anybody about our quote today. Because the truth is, books DO change lives. Fiction, in particular, because it emotionally engages a reader in order to entertain, inspire, teach, convict, or provide an escape. 

To me, reading a book is like going from a one-dimensional existence to two because not only am I living my own life, but for those few exhilarating moments of every day, I’m living someone else’s life too. In fact, I have my nose in a book so often (in the car, at appts., in the powder room, in bed at night, and in the store while Keith checks out) that he jokes my life must be so wretched, I have to escape into somebody else’s. But I just laugh because it’s SO not true. I LOVE my life! But I will admit that for me, reading a book is that little bit extra — like whipped cream on top of a hot fudge sundae. And YUM, how I LOVE whipped cream!!

I’ve read a ton of books in my day and some of them have been powerful (i.e. To Kill a Mockingbird) and some even life-changing (Gone With the Wind). But you know what? All books are not created equal. Take the romance genre, for instance (I know, I know, what a surprise!). As far as positive, encouraging, uplifting, and inspirational books, I gotta tell you, Christian fiction is where it’s at, “changing the lives” of both those who read it and those that write it.

But do you know how Christian Fiction changes my life more than anything? It’s getting to know, love, and admire the people who read it. Reader friends like you who send me sweet notes, commenting about how something I’ve written touches your soul. When that happens, you touch my soul, and there’s a connection. A friendship. A bonding of sisters in Christ. So if anyone ever asked me what’s the best thing about Christian Fiction, I would have to say YOU!! And if I could, I’d take every single one of you to lunch. To talk, laugh, and get to know you better. Because I already know we like the same books … 😉

Sadly, I can’t do that, but I CAN meet some of you in person, hug you, tell you how much I appreciate you. Wanna know how?

C. F. R. R.

What is it? It’s the Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat, and I am one of the speakers, along with Mary Connealy, Laura Frantz, and Ruth Logan Herne. It’s going to be small, cozy, and just like going to lunch together except with prizes and personal prayer, so if you want to know more about it, check it out HERE. That’s the Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat in Nashville, Tennesse, the day before the Amercian Christian Fiction Writers Conference — August 24th.

I invite you to join me on Seekerville this Wednesday, April 13 to hear more about it in my blog entitled “Over the Rainbow: An Author’s True Pot of Gold” and to meet the incredible women who are putting it together. Not only will there be a giveaway of three e-copies, winner’s choice of Isle of Hope, A Glimmer of Hope, or A Light in the Window, BUT … those who register for CFRR early at the reduced price will also be entered for additional prizes including a box of books!

So … think about it. Pray about it. And ask God to make a way for you to go. Because I would really like to hug you in person!

Hugs and Happy Weekend!


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