For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.

Acts 17:28

For me, this week, the operative word is “move,” because that is exactly what my husband and I were doing — for the second time in two months. And let me tell you — never have I been happier to know that we were “in Him” the entire time!

And we were because I felt it!

–His holy peace when I read our Scripture quote above in my daily devotional the day BEFORE the move.

–His calm assurance that everything would be okay despite both my husband’s and my knees giving us trouble the entire week before.

–His amazing grace when this old gal lugged box after box down 17 steps to our townhouse.

–His incredible wisdom when both of us stared at the unholy mess like deer in headlights, not exactly sure where to begin.

–And most of of all, His awesome joy that became our strength despite the fact that our new home looks like a hoarder’s garage sale (see pix below) and our new kitchen countertops and sink won’t be installed till next week.

Joyful translation: I don’t have to cook for a week!!

So I apologize for being a week late with this JJ — actually started it last Friday — right before company arrived to help us pack up for the move that took place last Tuesday.

But I’ll tell you what — one thing this entire undertaking has taught me is that in everything we do, no matter good or bad, God is with us, walking us through and sometimes carrying us too.

Uh … all except the umpteen boxes that is. Those we carried ourselves, but it was ALL His strength, I assure you!

Hugs and Happy Weekend “in Him”!



I love my tiny kitchen — less to clean!!

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!!

Plants, plants everywhere!! The Amazon Jungle in Osage Beach …

Keith is a litttttle overwhelmed …

Time for a nap — with two patio sets from which to choose!

Lots of work … but the view is sooooo worth it!