“Intimacy with God always comes before impact for God.”

—Allen Arnold

I’ll tell you what—that Allen Arnold said a mouthful! “Intimacy with God” is what being a Christian is all about, in my opinion, a love affair with the Almighty that should change the way we think, act, love, and live—and all for the better! To walk with God so closely, we become like His shadow, showing the world His love and His light wherever we go, in whatever we do.

Which is why I love Christian fiction so much. Mere human beings who are intimate with God, weaving that very intimacy into wonderful stories that impact thousands, imparting a gift no secular book can.

Sigh … I LOVE Christian fiction!! And you do, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now, right? So, what if I told you that you could walk away with your choice of FIVE top CBA books (including your choice of mine if you want) for merely casting a vote for your favorite book of 2014? Interested?

I hope so, because right now Family Fiction Magazine is asking you to vote on “your favorite Christian fiction book published in 2014” out of a list of 34 nominated books, so I warn you—it won’t be easy!

BUT … entering my “CHRISTIAN FICTION ROCKS” contest will be!


1.)  Go to the Family Fiction Magazine website link HERE.

2.)  Peruse the list of nominated books.

3.)  Vote for only one by clicking on the grayed-out circle on the left side of your favorite book.

4.)  Once a black dot appears next to the book for which you voted, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the “SUBMIT” button.

5.)  Then simply come back here to my Journal Jots page and enter my contest in the Rafflecopter box at the bottom of this post, and you’re in!


Family Fiction Magazine’s contest ends February 3rd, so I will announce the winner in my Journal Jot blog on Friday, February 6th. Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter  and will receive his/her choice of FIVE top CBA books from my personal library (mostly new or some gently used books by authors such as Deeanne Gist, Denise Hunter, Serena Miller, Elizabeth Camden, etc.), including choice of any of my books.

I’m going to tell you right now, that the caliber of books nominated in the Family Fiction contest is mind-boggling, so I would print the list off for future reference because these are some of the best novels of 2014. Please Note: You do NOT have to vote for my books to enter my “CHRISTIAN FICTION ROCKS” contest!

Ready, set … VOTE!

Hugs and Happy Weekend!



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Here’s the video my hubby did for A Light in the Window with my daughter as the model for both the book and video, so take a peek. ALITW Video.

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