“Let freedom ring.”

My Country ‘Tis of Thee by Samuel Francis Smith 

Oh, the sounds of freedom! The thundering BOOM of fireworks, the Pop-Pop-Pop of neighborhood firecrackers, the joyous laughter of family and friends. And the whispered prayer of thanksgiving on the lips of the grateful … for the blessings of God and a country in which we are free to worship Him.

My gratitude for our country and heritage knows no bounds, but it’s the freedom of soul for which I am most grateful. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed, and it is this freedom through Christ that causes my heart to pound louder than any deafening burst of color in the sky. For it is this freedom that rings loud and true in my spirit and in my life — a freedom of peace and joy and hope that explodes within higher and brighter than any fiery pinwheels in the sky or any rocket’s red glare.

So, yes, thank you, God, for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. But thank you more for your Son, without Whom no freedom would exist, be it for country or our souls.



I don’t enter a lot of contests anymore, but my hubby twisted my arm to enter A Light in the Window in a few, so I am thrilled to announce that ALITW not only won 1st place in the Inspirational Novel category of the International Digital Awards contest … BUT also the Inspirational Category of the 2013 Readers’ Crown Award at the RomCon convention on June 23rd!! I have to admit, it feels good to see Marcy and Patrick and Sam get their day in the sun because it really is a story close to my heart … and, I hope … yours!. 🙂



Trust me — nothing says “fireworks” like my upcoming book, Dare to Love Again, book 2 in the “Heart of San Francisco” series, so I hope you don’t mind if I ooh and ahh over my new cover! And if I have to say so myself, it typifies plucky Alli McClare to a T, especially her large hatpin, which I guarantee pokes holes in more than her hat! Alli and Nick Barone’s relationship is full of LOTS of sparks and fireworks, to say the least, with flailing sticks, hatpins, and jiu-jitsu stirring up both the relationship and the story!

So, I thought it would be fun to not only show you the cover model Revell chose for Alli, but some pix that come close to how I see Nick Baronē, the tall, dark, crotchety Italian police detective with whom Alli “hits” it off — literally!! But unfortunately, I’ve not really found the perfect look for my Nick yet, so anybody with any ideas, DO send your suggestions my way, okay? Oh, and FYI … all of Alli and Nick’s head-butting commences January 2014, which is only six months away, so preorders are available now!

Hugs and Happy 4th!