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And, WOW, did I have A LOT for which to be thankful! Hope you did too.

First of all, yesterday was the day we celebrated our Thanksgiving with family since my son, daughter-in-law, and two grandbabies (2-year-old Rory and 1-month-old Micah) came into town Friday night. I didn’t get my Journal Jots posted on time because, well, I was a wee bit busy — cleaning, cooking, putting up Christmas decorations, etc. We baked  and smoked two 21-lb. turkeys and had 25 different dishes for over 30 people, and YES, everybody brought something, thank God!.

It was a truly WONDERFUL DAY (a balmy 58 degrees in St. Loo!), heightened in importance, I think, since we lost my dear mother-in-law Leona this past summer. Although we all felt that she and my FIL were with us in spirit, we were keenly aware of her physical absence to the point of fending off tears upon occasion. And yet, missing her somehow made our family gathering all the more poignant and special, each of us acutely aware just how precious family really is, especially when one so dearly loved is suddenly missing.

Since I was pretty busy (wink!), other people took pix instead of me, so I don’t have any to show you yet, but I do have a few pix from a prayer luncheon with my sisters and brothers/brothers-in law last week. Out of 13 kids, three sisters are deceased and two were absent due to being out of town or sick. I also got a pic of me and my younger sister Kate — the sweet sister I used to read A Passion Most Pure to (then titled When Tomorrow Comes) when I was 12 and she was 9 because. And, yes, I really did start writing it WAY back then, up to 150 single-spaced pages! 🙂


And then, after the blessing of family, the second reason I am grateful is that … drum roll, please … I finished the last book in the Heart of San Francisco series, Surprised by Love, on TUESDAY!!! And I have to say, as much trouble as this baby gave me, I absolutely LOVE it, and I hope you will too. 🙂  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who prayed me through this book because I sure needed it. Now I have one month to cut 13,000 words and edit, edit, edit — my VERY favorite part of writing a novel because I get to read it for myself. 🙂

So … what’s up next for me? Well, January 1st, book 2 of the Heart of San Francisco series, Dare to Love Again, releases, and I’m really excited because it’s the sweetest, funniest book I’ve written thus far, so I’m anxious to see what you think.

And … NEWS FLASH!!!! For those of you have have not yet had the chance to read book 1 in the Heart of San Francisco series, Love at Any Cost, you NOW have ONE DAY — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH — to download it for FREE, so even if you own the paperback, PLEASE download it and tell your friends to do so as well to help get the number of downloads up, okay?

AND DON’T FORGET — I’ve added THREE MORE ways to accrue points in my VIDEO CONTEST, so check it out below, okay?

Hugs and Happy Weekend!




This is your chance to vote for your favorite Christian authors in TWO DIFFERENT Goodread polls, so PLEASE VOTE!!

1.) VOTE FOR “THE HISTORICAL FICTION YOU ARE MOST ANTICIPATING IN 2014 (the secular authors were winning in the beginning, but many of you voted and put the Inspies on top, so THANK YOU!). You can vote for up to 100 authors, so vote for your faves and if you do and include DARE TO LOVE AGAIN, I’ll give you extra points in my VIDEO CONTEST when you click on that option in the Rafflecopter box. Here’s the link:


2.) VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTIAN AUTHORS in “THE NEW 2014 CHRISTIAN FICTION” POLL, STRICTLY FOR CHRISTIAN FICTION. You can vote for up to 100 authors, so vote for your faves and if you do and include DARE TO LOVE AGAIN, I’ll give you extra points in my VIDEO CONTEST when you click on that option in the Rafflecopter box. Here’s the link:








One Woman. Two Men.
One stirs her pulse and the other her faith.
But who will win her heart?

A Light in the Window


It’s here … the video for A Light in the Window is finally HERE!! And not just “here,” my friends, but “here” with a contest to kick off both my $ .99 CHRISTMAS SALE for the A Light in the Window E-book AND the release of the paperback version too!! 

I am reallllly excited to see what you guys think about the video, especially your preference as to the two male models who play Patrick O’Connor and Sam O’Rourke. Since I haven’t run a Journal Jots contest in a long time, I thought this would be the perfect occasion for it, don’t you?, To enter the contest, all you have to do is watch the video, then tell me which of these bad-boy rogues turns your head for the title of hottest rogue in the Southie neighborhood!



1st Prize (person with the most points) — gets a character named after them or a loved one in my next book, a signed copy of that book, and a $50 gift card.

2nd Prize (random drawing where every point  earned is an extra chance to win, but even one point can win) — gets a character named after them or a loved one in my next book and a signed copy.

3rd Prize (random drawing based on 1 point per name entered) — gets a signed copy of any of my books.


Contest Rules:

To enter, scroll down to the Rafflecopter box at the bottom of today’s post and click the box that confirms you have watched the video, then click on the next option to vote for your favorite rogue. That’s ALL you have to do to enter for the two random drawings. But if you want to win the top prize by accruing extra points, then check out the other options listed in the Rafflecopter box and GO CRAZY!! The contest runs from November 11 through December 31st, with the winner announced in my January 3rd Journal Jot.


NEED E-BOOK OR PAPERBACK AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ARRIVE BY CHRISTMAS? (Or the last mail day before Christmas for the paperback?) Well now you can!! 

When you gift a Kindle or paperback book, you have the option to have the gift delivered immediately or to specify a future delivery date. To give a gift, please visit the AMAZON page of the book you wish to buy and click on the “Give as a Gift” button located under the “Buy” button on the product detail page for the book you wish to gift.

By default delivery date is set to “now” and your gift notification will be delivered immediately to the recipient’s e-mail address. HOWEVER … if you wish the gift sent at a future delivery date (i.e. Christmas morning for the e-book), the e-mail confirmation of your gift will be sent to your recipient between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. Pacific Time on the date you selected. You may also choose to instead send the gift notification to your own e-mail address upon ordering, which you can then forward, or print out and deliver, whenever you choose.


Simply purchase a paperback of ALITW or any of my other books as a Christmas gifts, and I will send you a signed bookplate with a special note to the person to whom you are giving the book as a gift. All you have to do is contact me directly through my website by at least ten days before Christmas to allow for mail delivery.

So, you ready to have some fun?? Click on the video link below, turn up your volume and click on full screen, then watch the video and indicate you have done so in the first Rafflecopter box at the bottom of this post.  And don’t forget to vote for your favorite rogue!!

Ready? Get set? GO!!








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