“Uh-oh, “DEMERITS!!”


— Aunt Julie, former teacher

Oh boy, as my Aunt Julie used to say whenever I would blow it “Demerits, young lady, demerits!”

And, boy, do I deserve those demerits for missing a Journal Jot this week, but I have a good excuse, I promise! I had the best of intentions, truly, as Keith and I packed up to go on a week-long biking trip last week, but Internet was scarce and so was the time to devote to it. Then last night when we got home, I was WAY too tired after plowing through a week’s worth of e-mails till after midnight and WAY too backlogged today to remedy the situation properly, so PLEASE forgive me!! I will have to serve my time on Desert Island this week (Aunt Julie’s place of punishment for bad behavior when she taught 2nd grade) until I can give you a glimpse of where we went THIS Friday, so stay tuned, okay? 🙂